Home Improvement through Tree Care

Prune to improve. Trees can be the frame or be framed

Let Coastal Arbor Pty Ltd put the finishing touches on your home improvement plans.

With the right strategies and techniques, simple pruning or minor removals and even replanting of more desirable species can turn an overgrown jungle into an oasis. All you need is the right advice and the necessary skill set to get the job done.

Coastal Arbor Pty Ltd is not all about removing every tree, trees are what make the central coast so beautiful. Finding a way to live with our magnificent trees is not an arduous task and we well really enjoy completing. There is nothing more satisfying then looking back on a job and seeing the amazing enhancements.

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The Right Equipment for the Job

Why having the right gear or equipment matters?

At Coastal Arbor Pty Ltd we believe in working smarter, not harder, our quality equipment makes that easy!

Our 16m Elevated work platform makes accessing trees safe and more efficient, it also greatly minimises the impact on a tree when pruning or trimming.

To decrease groundsmen fatigue and increase productivity we have the latest CAT 1.7t excavator fitted with a grapple. This machine can safely transport large sections of tree waste and debris effortlessly, this means we can be in and out quicker thus allow our prices to be extremely competitive. The decrease in worker fatigue means our staff are more alert and perform at a safe level all day long.

Our large volume 19-20inch woodchipper and smaller 14inch chipper, coupled with a 20cubic metre mulch truck and 10cubic metre 4wd truck mean that access is not a problem, we can get just about anywhere!

pruning trimming branches

Precision Pruning, Trimming and Hedging

Why Prune or Trim?

Most times all a tree really needs is some selective trimming and pruning. Coastal Arbor Pty Ltd can manage your trees and your living space, whether its pruning branches that overhang a pool, house or carpark, thinning out the crown of a tree to allow more sunlight or reducing and shaping selected trees for appearance. Coastal Arbor Pty Ltd takes great pride in the quality of our hedging, chasing straight lines and clean cuts to create a beautiful finish. Pruning, Trimming and hedging is the perfect way to finish off your garden and becoming the envy of your street.

Pruning vs Removal

Removing trees is often the only option, when trees are dangerous, damaged or simply where your house needs to be, these reason are unavoidable but if your aim is to create a natural masterpiece or simply to find a way to co-exist with your trees, then pruning, trimming and hedging is the perfect solution.


emergency storm work

Emergency Call Outs

24hr Emergency call outs

Coastal Arbor Pty Ltd will be there when you need us most. The central Coast has been battered by some extreme weather and Coastal Arbor Pty Ltd are set up to respond swiftly, effectively and safely. Our emergency response team can safely remove fallen tree debris from your home or office. Having debris removed swiftly mean emergency services can attend your property sooner.


We will help keep you safe.


tree removal specialist

Big Tree Specialists

Sometimes size matters

Coastal Arbor Pty Ltd has the skills and specialist equipment to tackle some of the biggest and dangerous trees. Although we also excel at small pruning, trimming and hedging, we have a passion and designated skill set to tackle difficult tree removals and tree management.