pruning trimming branches

Precision Pruning, Trimming and Hedging

Why Prune or Trim?

Most times all a tree really needs is some selective trimming and pruning. Coastal Arbor Pty Ltd can manage your trees and your living space, whether its pruning branches that overhang a pool, house or carpark, thinning out the crown of a tree to allow more sunlight or reducing and shaping selected trees for appearance. Coastal Arbor Pty Ltd takes great pride in the quality of our hedging, chasing straight lines and clean cuts to create a beautiful finish. Pruning, Trimming and hedging is the perfect way to finish off your garden and becoming the envy of your street.

Pruning vs Removal

Removing trees is often the only option, when trees are dangerous, damaged or simply where your house needs to be, these reason are unavoidable but if your aim is to create a natural masterpiece or simply to find a way to co-exist with your trees, then pruning, trimming and hedging is the perfect solution.


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