The Right Equipment for the Job

Why having the right gear or equipment matters?

At Coastal Arbor Pty Ltd we believe in working smarter, not harder, our quality equipment makes that easy!

Our 16m Elevated work platform makes accessing trees safe and more efficient, it also greatly minimises the impact on a tree when pruning or trimming.

To decrease groundsmen fatigue and increase productivity we have the latest CAT 1.7t excavator fitted with a grapple. This machine can safely transport large sections of tree waste and debris effortlessly, this means we can be in and out quicker thus allow our prices to be extremely competitive. The decrease in worker fatigue means our staff are more alert and perform at a safe level all day long.

Our large volume 19-20inch woodchipper and smaller 14inch chipper, coupled with a 20cubic metre mulch truck and 10cubic metre 4wd truck mean that access is not a problem, we can get just about anywhere!

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